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Why do I Need Financial Planning?

In simple terms, financial planning helps you to achieve your financial goals​.

This can cover everything you can think of, such as:

  • The deposit for your first home;
  • Financial independence at retirement;
  • Investing intelligently;
  • Paying off your mortgage earlier than planned;
  • Protecting your assets;

Video: Zurich Life. What is a financial Plan?

Financial Planning video was provided by Zurich Life Investments

Plus, a whole lot more.

Our approach to financial planning is to help you prioritise your goals, put a plan in place to achieve them, and review them on a regular basis thereafter.

Financial Planning is covering all areas of your finance and not just focusing on one aspect. For example, when it comes to your family, you may need to think about saving for college, as well as just the deposit for your new home. This keeps you moving in the right direction, across all aspects of your financial planning.

Financial planning is also an important part of minimising your payments to Revenue, so you can make the most of what you earn and move towards achieving your goals more quickly.

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